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‘My Fit’ Experience: Goes with the name

Keyur Seta

The following post is a Review of Van Heusen's clothing under its new MY FIT innovation.

When it comes to clothes, I strictly prefer casuals. I wear formals only and only on important functions like weddings and other such functions and that too without my will. Thankfully, the field I am in never requires anyone to wear formals. In fact, some bosses themselves come to work wearing three-fourths and T-shirts.

Van-Heusen-ShirtsThere are a couple of reasons for my disinclination towards formals. Firstly, I can’t move around freely. I don’t prefer clothes that restrict my movements (not that I am an obsessive dancer). This affects the most while traveling in local trains and buses of Mumbai.

Secondly, it is the pain when it comes to buying formal shirts and trousers. This is the main or major reason for me avoiding formals. It takes long to find that right fit for, which is a turn off because I don’t like spending much time in buying clothes. On top of that, most of the times I have to compromise on my comfort level as there is no perfect match.

Some time back, I got a mail from IndiOne (an arm of IndiBlogger), informing about a blogging activity with Van Heusen for their new ‘My Fit’ innovation, which tries helping customers zero in to their desired size of clothes. Despite my bad experiences while buying formals, especially shirts, I participated in the activity as I felt like trusting this new size innovation.

The bigger challenge, however, was to write a blog post on it since I have never even read any write-ups or articles on clothing ever, leave alone writing one.

Van-Heusen-TrousersAs per the activity, I visited a nearby Van Heusen store to determine my size under the My Fit innovation. I thought this will be boring considering how time-consuming my size determination sessions have been till now. However, I was pleasantly surprised that it all got over in a jiffy. It just took less than 10 minutes! And the size I chose fitted me perfectly.

I then proceeded to buy a shirt and trouser online (as per the requirement) as per my My Fit size. This too didn’t take long as I found both type of clothes of my liking in just few minutes. This might also be because it is always ‘love at first sight’ for me when it comes to buying clothes. However, there were a wide range of colors and types to choose from. But what impressed me the most was the availability of different types of sizes for people with different bodies.

I received the order within seven days, smartly packed and in very good condition. It always feels good to receive a high quality merchandise (especially when you haven’t paid for it).

I tried it and was again pleasantly surprised by the comfort level. Although I wasn’t as free as I am usually with casuals, I have never been so comfortable with formals before. Such ease to move your hands and legs is something I never associate this genre of clothing with. You can validate my claim with the pictures.

To know more about MY FIT, see this link -



Layman’s Zestperience: Review of Tata’s Zest car

By: Keyur Seta

Firstly, I have absolutely no experience about driving a car and I also possess no knowledge about cars or automobiles whatsoever. The reason for this, honestly, is my complete lack of interest in the subject. This is also seen from the fact that I hardly even know the names of cars except, Fiat, Ambassador, Maruti, Zen, Santro, etc. However, I do possess lots of experience of traveling in cars. So I am presenting the view of a traveler of Tata Motors' Zest Car.

tata-zest-carHere it goes:-

  • Smoothness: As soon as the Zest started, I felt the quality of roads of Goa suddenly improved. In other words, the drive was absolutely smooth. In fact, I have hardly experienced such a smooth ride ever, so much so that we almost didn’t feel the bumpiness of the roads.
  • Spacious: The car scores high marks in spaciousness too as three medium sized people can easily fit in the back seat without feeling crammed for space. Considering the high rates of obesity among today’s children and youngsters, this point is a big advantage.
  • Digital: The digital features as far as synchronizing your phone with the car is concerned, are very user friendly indeed. The process of answering the call and sending messages is very friendly and simple.
  • Seat: On dreary long drives, the big disadvantage that can irritate people traveling in it is the discomfort due to the seats. Thankfully, nothing of that sort happened while traveling in Zest. I hardly felt the tiredness that we usually feel after a long drive.
  • Shape: Again, I have no knowledge as to what the ideal shape and design of the car should be and how it can be judged. But I found the shape of the Zest very much to my liking. It is simple yet pleasing.


So here was a complete layman’s point of view of experiencing Tata’s Zest.

P.S: The above review features both the diesel and petrol versions of the car. The diesel car appeared smoother than the petrol one. Apart from this, the rest of the points are applicable to both. The important factors of price and mileage aren’t disclosed yet by the makers.

More photos of the Zest:





An institute running since 4500 years?

Over the last few years, it is noticeable how education has become a shoddy business in India. With these coaching classes and the so-called international schools charging a bomb, it has become clear that the primary motto of these institutes is only money! This is proved further when one notices the business-like manner in which they function as well as behave.

Naturally, to make huge bucks, these institutes do everything to attract consumers by making huge claims in their advertisements. But one coaching class ad which I came across today jerked me out of my chair. In the ad, (on the front page of a leading daily) the institute has actually made fun of itself by a claim which cannot be described in words. What else would you say when they claim to have ‘4500 years of teaching experience’?

Yes, you read it right (see picture below). In the rat race to acquire maximum number of students, are they trying to prove that they are running these classes ever since humans came into existence?


As I have never seen such a thing before, I decided to call them up. Here’s the audio recording of my chat with them: -


And this is the transcription of my chat:-

Me: Today I saw your ad in a newspaper where you have claimed to have more than 4500 years of teaching experience. How is this possible?

Executive: This is possible because there are more than 200 teachers in our institute for the commerce stream. If we total up their teaching experience, it goes up to 45000 (!!!).

(The executive went far ahead than the ad by mistakenly mentioning 45000 instead of 4500.)

Me: But if you mention in this way without any explanation, one might feel your institute is running since the era of Mahabharata.

Executive: Do you have any other query?

Me: No. My query was only about your ad as it has becoming a laughing stock.

Executive: We are just paid for our work. (Said something that sounded like this.)


While all this sounds very funny, it's sad to see the difference between education institutes and publicity-hungry film stars reducing.


Swami Vivekananda play to be staged in Mumbai

On the occasion of the 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekanand, a Hindi play will be staged in Mumbai based on him. The play is titled Yuganayak Swami Vivekanand and it will focus on the life and principles of the great disciple of Ramkrishna Paramhansa.

Title: Yuganayak Swami Vivekanand

Presented By: Adhyatma Vidya Mandir Ahmedabad and Vikram Academy of Performing Arts

Director: Dr Vikram Panchal

Date: Sunday January 8, 2012.

Time: 9:30am

Venue: Bhaidas Auditorium, Juhu Scheme, Road No. 1, Vile Parle (West), Mumbai - 400056.

The play is free for all but one needs to collect passes from the office of Ramkrishna Math at Khar or call Jayesh Shroff on 9820293242.



True story of Anna Hazare’s MMRDA (Mumbai) fast

With the Government sabotaging the passing of the Lokpal Bill on December 29 by their cheap tactics, Anna Hazare's grudge against them is proved right. Now, the intentions of the Congress are crystal clear in front of the nation! But I would like to take your attention on some other serious issue.

There has been a massive hue and cry by the media that Anna Hazare’s fast in Mumbai’s MMRDA ground, which took place on December 27 and 28, was a flop as very few people turned up at the venue to support the Gandhian. However, truth is something else at least on the second day.

Agreed, the long distance shots seen on various news channels showed vast empty spaces on the ground. When I saw the footage even I felt the attendance was way below short of expectations. However, recently my brother Fenil Seta and few IAC supporters told me a totally different story.

According to them, large number of people had turned up at the venue but since the ground covers a humongous area, the crowd looked small when seen from long distance. After watching the pictures and videos taken by them, I find no reason not to believe them.

(Article continued after pictures.)

When my brother took the above picture on the second day, he had to use the zoom function to the fullest effect. This is because he was just not able to go anywhere near the stage due to the strong crowd on the second day.

To prove my point further, I would like you to watch the following videos: -

During Hazare’s August fast at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi, the crowd started increasing as the days progressed. Given the fact that the crowd had increased on the second day at MMRDA, it would have increased further if the fast was continued for some more days.

Considering that MMRDA is so far from Bandra and Kurla railway stations, with hardly any BEST buses running on the route, it should be said the turnout was good and the event by no means was a flop! It seems our media either didn’t know the truth or for some strange reason was shying away from reporting actual facts! Was it money? Who knows?


Naye Saal Ka Naya Veham (New Year Poem)

By: Keyur Seta

Kab tak phool barsenge naye saal par,
Yeh bhi ho jayega ek din purana,
Sookh jayenge tab yeh saare phool,
Samaapti ka iski karega intezar zamana

Door ho jayegi sabhi duvidhayen,
Naye saal mein hoga naya savera,
Nav-varsh lagta atyant bharosemand,
Jhooti ummeeden ban jaati sahara

Purana hoga jab yeh naya saal,
Ho jayegi ummeed ki kiran ojal,
Dhoka de gaya yeh saal bhi,
Aao kare iska bhi qatal,

Naye saal mein kya hai nayapan,
Hai to keval tarikh mein badal,
Tu vijai ho saal ke pratyek din,
Paida kar utna aatmabal


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Anna Hazare ends fast, battle continues

Finally Anna Hazare has broken his fast due to his deteriorating health condition. With this, the Jail Bharo Andolan, which was scheduled to take place from December 30 to January 1, is delayed indefinitely. Although he has gone against his decision of fasting for three days, this is the right decision since his presence in vital for any future course of action.

But the big issue which is in everyone’s minds is the low turnout at Mumbai’s MMRDA grounds. This was surprising considering the increase in the number of members in various Anna Hazare and India Against Corruption (IAC) groups and fan pages in Facebook and Twitter. According to me, the reason for the low turnout could be: -

Location: MMRDA ground is too far away from the station. It is also not accessible via BEST buses from every corner of the city unlike Azad Maidan.

Working day: It is very difficult for Mumbaikars to take leave from work during weekdays to attend the event. Even if they are willing to join after work, the location makes it difficult for them after a tiring and hectic day.

Having said all this, I show no bones in saying that I am highly disappointed by the way Mumbaikars have responded to the fast.

I have been reading huge number of comments in favour of Hazare in Facebook, Twitter and under various news articles. Even a good number of friends, family and relatives have been supporting him. So, why the same number didn’t reflect on MMRDA? I hope it’s the above mentioned two reasons that kept large number of Mumbaikars away. If that is not the case, such major events shouldn’t take place in Mumbai again!

But as Anna said, the battle will continue. I don't care if large number of Mumbaikars don't respond. I am fully committed to the cause. And why shouldn't I all since the government is hell bent in presenting a toothless Lokpal Bill? Their intentions are crystal clear - to help those who wish to indulge in corruption. On the other hand, Anna's dream is to bring a Bill which will help curb corruption. So, of course, I am with the one with good and noble intentions.


Anna’s December 11 protest: Gov in spot (Pictures from Mumbai rally)

It didn’t come as a surprise that Anna Hazare’s much awaited token fast today (December 11, 2011) at Jantar Mantar received considerable mass support. Even result-wise, the protest turned out to be a success as representatives from all political parties from the opposition agreed with Hazare’s demand that Group C and D employees, CBI and, most importantly, the Prime Minister should come under Lokpal.

This unanimous nod from the oppositions has made sure that the Congress and UPA Government are left all alone and in a mighty spot! Now, the pressure has increased upon them even further! If a token protest like today can bring such results, one can imagine the consequences once the full-fledged protests begin from December 27 onwards.

Meanwhile, there were numerous successful protests rallies all across India in support of Hazare. In Mumbai, the bike and car rally from Shivaji Park to Azad Maidan saw around 1500 vehicles carrying innumerable Indian flags. Even the dharna at Azad Maidan saw some energetic and enthusiastic scenes.

Mayank Gandhi’s talk was the highlight as expected. I bet someone who is against the movement will be convinced to be a part of it after listening to him. Apart from him, it was a six year old girl who stole the show with her innocence as she spoke about the importance of being a part of this movement.

Have a look at the pictures from the rally and protest in Mumbai: -

A banner in Bengali saying, "Jei Rakshak, Shei Bhakshak."

Mayank Gandhi in action.




List of protest rallies in December for Jan Lokpal

As expected, the Government and our parliamentarians have betrayed us once again by passing a weak Lokpal in the on-going Winter Session of the Lok Sabha. Hence, the time has come for us to show once again that we won’t take it lying down. We are ready to do what we did successfully in April and Augsut 2011- protest!

There will be a number of protest rallies all across India in the month of December before the massive protest from December 27 begins.

Here is the list of protest rallies all across India: -

1)      Kanpur: December 1, Thursday (Candle March)

Venue: Phool Baug, Near Gandhi Statue. Contact - 9580303575 , 9616002123

Time: 5pm

2)      Mumbai: December 3, Saturday

Venue : Mahajan Wadi, Opposite Voltas, Dr Ambedkar Road, Below Lalbaug Flyover,

Chinchpokli East, Mumbai.

Time: 5:30pm to 8:30pm

3)      Chandigarh: December 4, Sunday (Car and Bike Rally)

Venue: Sec 17/21 roundabout, Opposite Sec-17 Bus Stand, Chandigarh, India.

Time: 11am to 2pm

4)      Pune: December 11, Sunday (Full day Dharna)

Venue: Kamala Arcade, Opp. Balgandharva, J.M. Road, Pune.

Time: 10am to 10pm

5) Pune: December 11, Sunday - Freeze Mob to Support Anna Hazare's Fast

Venue: Outside Pune Railway Station at 1pm, at Swargate Bus Stand 3pm and at Shivajinagar Bus Stand at 5:pm.

6)      New Delhi : Anna Hazare’s protest on December 11, Sunday

Venue: Jantar Mantar

Time: Full day

Let us show the government once again how wrong they are in underestimating the power of The Common Man!