The Common Man Speaks


For Your Eyes Only – Part 4

Khareed ke apni car mein rakhne wala bechne wale se bhi badaa gadha! (Clicked outside my office in Worli)

Better build a wall! (Cant reveal where this was clicked)

No matter who is going to be speaking, whenever someone is about to be writing in such a way, I am about to be clicking! Lol! (Clicked at Gokhale Road, Dadar)

Now who would want to enter this? Most of my friends wont' even fit inside 😛 (Clicked near Doordarsan, Worli)

Kyon? Bas aise hi! (Clicked at Gokhale Road)

He has a cold storage for ornaments like rings. Lol! (Clicked at Dadar station)

Found this inside the loo of my office. Don't know who uses this unknown brand. Lol!