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Lok Sabha Election Result: Pre-Result Analysis


Tomorrow's 2014 Lok Sabha Election result is like a match between AUSTRALIA and ZIMBABWE. People supporting the former are sure of victory and have already started celebrating. They will tune in to see the margin of victory. Those supporting the other team will tune it with some hope of miracle. Neutrals like me will only ask from time to time - Oye SCORE kya hua?

But still, let's look at the chances of major political parties:-

Congress: The question shouldn't be whether Congress will win or lose. The question is - by what margin will it lose? Due to the abysmal performance in 10 years, especially the last term, this might well be the party's biggest defeat ever.

BJP: The only party that is sure of winning. The anti-Congress feel, the popularity of Narendra Modi and the crazy marketing campaign will surely work in their favor. It doesn't look as if there will be an upset. But if the party win's only around 200 seats on their own, it will surely be an upset of sorts as it will surely raise a big question on the presence of a 'Modi Wave'.

AAP: They are getting a place in this write-up because of their sudden popularity since December 2013. The Aam Aadmi Party aren't looking to form the government as this is their first Lok Sabha election.  So anything over 4-5 seats will be a great achievement for them. Of course, things would have been different for them had their rule in Delhi wouldn't have turned controversial.


All in all, the winner of the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections seems to have been declared already. Let's see whether it turns out to be that way or if there will be a twist in the climax.


Keep watching this space for the results.

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