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Keyur - December 2015

Hello everyone. Thanks a lot for visiting my blog.

This is Keyur Seta. There is nothing special or extraordinary about me. I am just one of those crores of common men of India. If I get the good fortune of observing a sunrise, munching a Vada Pav with cutting chai, laughing at a silly joke, roaming in the lanes and by-lanes of Dadar, getting the window seat in B.E.S.T. bus and standing near the door of local trains, I feel I am richer than most people on this planet.

Feel free to comment or debate on anything.

God bless 🙂

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this blog/ website are entirely personal and are not at all related to the publication/publications I work for.

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  2. very well defined, very well selected topics and posts, go ahead dude !

  3. Dear Keyur,

    It’s indeed a pleasure to have known you through these years.

    I guess, we interacted first through Win 94.6, roughly a decade back. Since then, I have seen you grow from a student, to a columnist, then a blogger & now a professional, prolific & inspiring writer.

    You are one of those people who believe in ‘walking’ the talk.

    Through your actions you have proved that common man is not a ‘concept’ or a ‘theme’, but a way of life.

    The ‘common man’ is usually mis-defined as a middle class citizen who struggles throughout his life, without luxuries.

    But, in my opinion common man is one who…

    Does enjoy luxuries once in a while, but doesn’t thrive on them.
    Thinks high, but lives a simple life out of choice not by force.
    Travels in a crowd, yet has his own individuality.
    Is stupid at times, but practical by approach.
    Knows his limits, strengths & limitations

    Keep inspiring people with your views re(views) & suggestions as always.

    Hoping to see you as a ‘COUNSELLOR’ / ‘PHILANTHROPIST’ soon.



    • Dear Pady,

      You are one person who has understood the concept of the Common Man with utmost perfection. Kudos!
      And thanks a lot for your kind words. Don’t know whether I deserve them. You have always been encouraging!

      Well, I don’t know about Counselor or Philanthropist but I just hope I continue to do something meaningful in life.

      Thanks again.



  4. deool paahilaa…. khupch aawdlaa.saamaanya maansat aslele dharmache bhoot aani tyache saamaajik parinaam tumhi marmikteni aani gramin khuskhushit vinodani chaan fulwle aahet.
    asaach shahri waatawrnaatil marmik vinodaacha cinama phaylaa aawdel.
    pudhchya kaamaasathi khup shubhechhya.
    punylaa aalywar aamchyakde nakki yaa….

  5. Dear Commonman,

    Everyone is a common man unless he does something special – that not only improves his life, but also improves the life of others.

    SATyamev Jayate is a talkshow done solely for commercial purpose (Moneymaking) by Aamir khan – a “hero” in twilight endstage of his career.

    Just by hypocrisy and talking -without doing any useful activities, he wants to behave like a savior of india or mankind. His only aim is to encash controversy, and even educated people like you are falling in his trap.

    Untouchability is a sin definetely. But Bezawada Wilson ( a person who has converted toChristianity but still wants to enjoy educational and job benefits like a Hindu Scheduled tribal) talks hypocrisy and insane words when he says that Intercaste marriages SHOuLD be done – who is he to decide that? People who marry and their fakilies should decide about personal things such as marriage.

    So, let us not fallin trap of “common”hypocrites like Aamir khan or Bezawada Wilson.

    • Dear Shiva,

      Thank you for your insightful views.
      However, I stand by what I said.
      Yes, marriage is a personal thing but since searching brides and grooms from our own caste is encouraging caste system, it should be discarded. For this, inter-caste marriage seems to be a very apt solution according to Wilson. I am just agreeing with his view.

      And about the show, well, what you have written is your opinion and India being a democratic country, you have all the right to disagree with me or anyone. I shall continue to support Aamir and the show.

      Thanks and regards,


  6. Dear Keyur,

    You are a true gentleman.
    I wish people like you become politicians and leaders of India. We have theives as politicians and “actor” hypocrites as social reformers today.
    It has become a fashion for celebrities to take up social causes- they are not really interested in the cause, they are interested in the publicity.
    Even new channels have become “paid propaganda” channels – atleast Doordarshan showed real news when we were kids.
    Even AnnaHazare has turned out to be a gimmickman rather than another Mahatma Gandhi.
    I wish honest people like you could become leaders of the country, and encourage you to take up the task of cleaning up the country by becoming a leader/ politician.

    • Dear Shiva,

      Although my views are different from you, I heartily thank you for your very kind words, although I don’t think I deserve it.
      You seem to be a true gentlemen too.

      Warm regards,


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  9. Dear Keyur,

    I think we were together for our graduation in K.J. Somaiya College. Hope you remember me.
    Nice to see you blogging.

    With best wishes…

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  11. I like this blog.
    its good 🙂

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  13. Hi Keyur,
    How do I get in contact with you for article publishing? My email id is mentioned. Plz do revert back.

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