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World Cup Final 2015: Will New Zealand thump Australia?

By: Keyur Seta

There is high excitement for tomorrow’s World Cup 2015 Final between Australia and New Zealand at Melbourne. From reading various social media posts, we can ascertain that the scenes are similar all over the world; in India too despite their team being knocked out of the competition in the Semi-Final. The reason for such eager anticipation is not limited to the fact that it is the final match of World Cup.

What has caught cricket lovers’ frenzy is that it will be played between two completely evenly matched sides. Of course, if you look at the overall record of both the teams, Australia has had the upper hand over New Zealand. But it is the current form that matters the most in such big matches and going by that, there is really not much to choose between both the sides.

Martin Guptill (Picture:

Martin Guptill (Picture:

One can argue that New Zealand has the upper hand as they haven’t lost a single match in the WC and Australia having lost one and that too against them. New Zealand did win the match but it lost 9 wickets in the process of scoring just 153 runs. On the other hand, although Australia lost the match, it managed to almost win. Hence, both sides are terribly evenly matched!

With these two teams entering the finals, it has also become one of the rare cases where two most deserving sides are playing for the title. There have been quite a few cases in the previous World Cups where teams not doing too well managed to reach the final while the ones deserving failed to do so by faltering in the knockout match.

For example, Australia and Pakistan in 1999 and Pakistan in 1992 didn’t have close to a flawless run but still managed to reach the final. Similarly, South Africa in 1996 won all their league stage matches and looked to be the strongest team but it lost against the West Indies in the Quarter Final.

But having said all this, I personally feel Australia has the edge over New Zealand due to a number of reasons. Firstly, this is Australia’s seventh final. Although none of their players have played a WC final before, they have been through the feeling of their country playing for the highest honor. On the other hand, this is New Zealand’s first one.

But more than this, what can affect NZ is that they have played all their 2015 WC matches at home. So, they are playing for the first time away from home and that too in the all-important WC final.

These are, however, not major issues for NZ. If they make sure they are not affected by the huge occasion mentally, we might have a cracker of a game that goes right down to the wire (excuse me for the Shastrism). If that happens, it might be the closest World Cup Final ever.

But as far as India is concerned, the country is BLEEDING BLACK this time!


India v/s Australia World Cup 2015 Semi Final: History in the making?

By: Keyur Seta

India is all set to clash against Australia in the Semi-Final of the 2015 World Cup at Sydney on March 26. This will be India’s toughest match not just in this World Cup but also one of the toughest matches it has ever played. This has more to do with the kind of opposition they are pitted against instead of the fact that it is a Knock Out match.

One might argue that India is unbeaten in this World Cup while Australia has been beaten once in the league stage by New Zealand. But it is the current situation that determines the chances of any team. No doubt India has played tremendously well in the series but one mustn’t forget how the Aussies have peaked to some super form right when it matters the most.



Going by the way they have played in the latter half of the tournament, they are going all guns blazing and look unstoppable. Off late, their long batting line up is proving to be lethal and the same can be said about their bowling. Meanwhile, India hasn’t faced such a side in the series so far. Hence, my prediction is that Australia will beat India and reach the World Cup 2015 Final.

But not many people are aware that apart from a place in the Final, Australia will achieve something historic if it beats India in this match. This is how it is – Under the captaincy of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, India has never ever lost a single knockout match in any of the 50-over ICC tournaments.

Here is a list of those matches:-

  • India beat Australia in the Quarter Final of the 2011 World Cup
  • India beat Pakistan in the Semi Final of the 2011 World Cup
  • India beat Sri Lanka in the Final of the 2011 World Cup
  • India beat Sri Lanka in the Semi Final of the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy
  • India beat England in the Final of the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy
  • India beat Bangladesh in the Quarter Final of the 2015 World Cup

In this way, Dhoni’s leadership has made India victorious in all six out of six 50-over knockout matches. But this is not all. Dhoni also has an unbeatable record against Australia in knock out matches of all ICC tournaments. Apart from the above match, India, under Dhoni, also won the Semi Final of the 2007 Twenty20 World Cup against Australia.

A win by either team will be remembered for a long, long time. Either Dhoni’s unbeatable run in 50-over knockout games will get a huge shot in the arm or Australia will achieve something historical!

The stage is set!


Films reflect your life and vice-versa (‘Start A New Life’ activity)

Keyur Seta

In my personal opinion, formula Hindi movies are similar to our real lives. It is just that films are dramatized for entertainment purpose. So if you take away the larger-than-life elements from our Hindi films, you will be able to relate with many of them. One such element is twists or turns in a story. Is there anyone who hasn’t experienced such Kahani Mein Twist? I don’t think so.

But there are times when you are required to make important decisions to bring out this twist in your life or to Start A New Life. Sometimes, this also means taking a bold decision that can risk something as precious as your career if it doesn’t turn out to be successful. Taking one such decision changed my life entirely for good.

Initially, I wasn’t entirely sure of my decision but I just went ahead with it, just like Jai and Veeru did in Sholay when they agreed to capture Gabbar alive, despite not knowing how they would go about it and whether they would succeed. Life sometimes throws Aar Ya Paar kind of a situation, where you have no other choice but to make a bold move.


Picture Source:

There is a back story or a flashback that was responsible for my move. It started after I secured 64.20 % in my 10th standard. For average students like me, it was a moment to cherish. I thought from now onwards, my academic life would be smooth, just like Raj kept saying in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge during that Europe tour – “Ab koi problem nahin aa sakti”.Unfortunately, I too landed in a soup like Raj did in the movie.

Like a large majority of average students, I went into the Commerce stream. My decision was an outcome of a clichéd mentality in Mumbai, according to which scholars take Science, weak students go into Arts and the average ones opt for Commerce. If a student dares to go different, he is considered crazy. This is akin to 80s and 90s formula where a boy and a girl have to dance around trees after falling in love. If they don’t, it isn’t love. Simple.

My experience into commerce was like Jana Tha Japan Pohonch Gaye Cheen. I soon realized Commerce wasn’t my cup of tea. It wasn’t my cup, in fact! Subjects like Accounts and Economics gave me a feeling of nausea. I have nothing against this field. It is just that I am not made for such hisaab kitaab. I felt very much like Rahul of Chennai Express who wanted to go to Goa but landed up in Meenamma’s gangster village.

Still, I endured Commerce till 12th standard, like Veer Pratap Singh in Veer-Zaara. I somehow managed to pass that year. (No, this time I won’t mention my marks.) But then I thought of taking the bold decision of leaving Commerce and going into Arts (from 13th standard onwards). I had developed an interest in writing by the time I reached 12th. And after that, I was quite sure of pursuing it as a profession.

Initially, my parents weren’t convinced and got worried. But they slowly understood and realized my interest and allowed me through a change of heart or Hriday-Parivartan in our films. I did face criticisms for my decision with some people almost laughing at me. But as we know, Kuchh toh log kahenge, logon ka kaam hai kehna.

The decision of moving into Arts turned out to be truly a life-changing one. Today, I wonder what my life would have been if I hadn’t switched. In fact, I shudder to even think about it! I also feel I wouldn’t have been writing this blog right now. Now, some of those who laughed at me are appreciating my move. Rancho and Farhan of 3 Idiots would be proud of me! Aal Izz Well!

But this wouldn’t have been possible if my parents hadn’t given a green signal. A big Thank You to them! The only difference is that they didn’t say, “Jaa, jee le apni zindagi”.


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The World Remade: Instead of remaking films, let’s remake the world!

By: Keyur Seta

I am participating in the #TheWorldRemade activity at BlogAdda in association with India Today #Conclave15

Nainital (Picture: Wikipedia)

Nainital (Picture: Wikipedia)

No matter how happy, peaceful or wealthy a person is, he or she will certainly have big problems with not few but a lot of aspects of the world and rightly so. I too fall in the same category, naturally. So, how about remaking this world our way? BlogAdda in association with India Today Conclave has provided this opportunity of jotting down your idea of a perfect world. Although this is just imaginary, the very thought of creating a world as per my wishes is enough to bring a wide grin on my face.

I firmly feel that God or Nature had made a perfect, harmonious world. It is we the people who have destroyed or are destroying it by going against nature. In my opinion, going against nature is one of the worst forms of violence. So a large part of my creation of the world will focus on going as per the rules of the nature. And when I say nature, it is not just restricted to our surroundings or ecology.

So here are the points that determine the world remade by me:-

Fundamentalism: All human beings have the same flesh, bones, blood and organs and feel happy and sad at the same things. In other words, nature hasn’t created any difference between humans. So any idea, people, group or association encouraging division among human beings or advocating one religion will be discarded and the people responsible will be strictly punished. Naturally, people from terror groups will be awarded severe death sentence without any delay.



Casteism: A glaring social evil is ‘caste’, according to which people are classified higher or lower without any fault or effort. In my world, not only the word caste will be abolished but all groups that represent castes or sub-castes would also be banned. Matrimonial columns in newspapers and matrimonial websites will be barred from the mention of caste. Any discrimination or encouragement of caste will be strictly penalized. Needless to say, all caste or community based reservation will be abolished. In short, the word ‘caste’ will be reduced to ashes.

Ecology: We have destroyed forests, open lands, rivers and many other natural gifts. I would put a huge impetus on strictly not destroying nature by any means. Of course, we need industrial development but not at the cost of nature. Any development aimed at harming the natural surroundings and ecosystem can never be labeled as development; that’s outright destruction.

There would be measures to curb all types of pollution and a large amount would be spent on it. Only special eco-friendly firecrackers would be allowed. Pollution created in the name of religious festivals will also be abolished.

Women Issues: Rapists will be punished as per the middle-eastern style. I don’t see any other way of inducing fear in the minds of potential rapists. Even sexual harassment or so-called harmless eve-teasing will be categorized under serious crimes. Nature hasn’t created any difference between men and women in terms of strength. Any idea describing women as the weaker sex will be banned and anyone advocating this idea will be punished. Such passages found in any religious book will also be edited out.



Parents of to-be brides will be encouraged not to feel inferior in front of ladke wale. Any such attempt from the latter will be dealt severely. Indirect acts of dowry will also be considered a serious offense. A family found guilty of forcibly marrying off their daughter will also be penalized although in a minor way.

Poverty: I believe poverty is largely an outcome of unequal distribution of income. Super rich individuals or organizations (including places of worship) earning more than a particular amount will be made to donate a tiny percentage of their income to the needy. Even such a minute amount can go a long way in diminishing poverty. Continuous efforts in various other ways will be put to eradicate poverty.



Medical Bills: From what I have observed in the last few years, I feel it is an unofficial crime for the poor or lower middle-class to fall sick. If a person is saved from a serious illness, he will still die while paying an abnormal amount to the hospitals and for medicines. I would prefer my world to give access to proper healthcare to all irrespective of his or her social class. This slow killing will be looked upon as one of the most urgent matters to deal with.

Law & Order: It seriously hurts to see our hard-working policemen earn less than peanuts. In my world, their wages will be raised to an enormous level. Along with the cop, his family members too sacrifice a lot so even they would be taken care of. Something more than Fast Track Courts will be placed to make judiciary processes way faster.

Corruption: This will be considered a very serious offence and the wrongdoers will face strictest of punishment; definitely not the easy way corrupts are treated in the current times. All political parties will be compelled by law to disclose every penny from their funding.

Smoking: There would be ways chalked out to ban smoking. If not, there at least would be serious restrictions on the selling of cigarettes.



Right to Peace: I am sure this phrase is never heard before from any government in the world, which is truly unfortunate. This surprises me immensely as I firmly believe everyone has a right to stay peacefully in his or her home. All kinds of noises in public places would be banned in my world, including those made in the name of carrying out ‘religious’ festivals or practices.

Subsidy to art: Sorry, I can’t keep films and plays away. Independent films aiming to promote a social cause or present a social wrongdoing will be given subsidy along with entertainment tax abolition. There will be massive efforts made to revive the art of theatre all over India. The reason for this point is that these mediums have a large reach out, which can help spread noble messages.


There are many, many more things that need to be changed in this world. This is just an overview.