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Himmatwala Review

By: Keyur Seta

Director: Sajid Khan

Producers: Puja Films and UTV Motion Pictures

Writers: Sajid-Farhad and Sajid Khan

Cast: Ajay Devgn, Tamannaah, Paresh Rawal, Mahesh Manjrekar

Music: Sajid-Wajid

Genre: Action/ Drama

Rating: * *

Story Outline: As a kid, Ravi has to to flee from Ramnagar after zamindar Sher Singh (Mahesh Manjrekar) and his nephew Narayandas (Paresh Rawal) force his father (Anil Dhawan) to commit suicide. Years later, he (Ajay Devgn) returns to his village to take revenge from Singh and Narayandas and improve the condition of his mother (Zarina Wahab) and younger sister (Leena Jumani).

Review: The original Himmatwala released 30 years ago and acquired a cult status among the lovers of commercial Hindi cinema. But 30 years is a long time. In these three decades, the audience’s taste has undergone a massive change. Now, we no longer feel moved by seeing a woman being physically and mentally tortured by her in-laws, a ‘hero’ saving a helpless woman from rapists or (worst of all) a helpless mother begging in front of Maa Sherawali for a miracle by mouthing some unintentionally hilarious lines.

This is the biggest reason for Sajid Khan’s Himmatwala, remake of the 1983 hit, failing to create impact. The other reason is the absence of entertainment most of the times. You just have to wait for a genuinely funny or amusing moment which hardly arrives. There are plenty of forceful attempts to make the audience laugh or entertain through some silly situations and ordinary ‘heroic’ moments. This comes as an unpleasant surprise since Khan, along with his writer duo Sajid-Farhad, has always been particular about entertainment in all his films before this one.

Himmatwala-2013As said earlier, the subject hampers the movie the most. Still, they could have made a whacky film by giving tribute to the 80s era. In fact, this was Khan’s intention going by his pre-release interviews. But giving a tribute to that era doesn’t mean you make a film which appears absolutely outdated. Of course, there is a huge twist at interval point but, instead of shock and drama; it takes the film to a lower level due to its stupidity.

The only respite comes from some hilarious moments which, sadly, are few and far between. Khan’s PJs and crazy humour, typical of his old TV shows, are the only factor that makes the film a watchable affair.

The technical departments (cinematography, background score and editing) can hold their heads high. The old classic songs ‘Naino Mein Sapna’ and ‘Taki Taki’ are retained from the original film so the composer duo Sajid-Wajid doesn’t deserve credit for that. Their original songs fail to impress either. The two songs mentioned above also don't satisfy because of Devgn’s unfamiliarity with dancing.

Ajay Devgn carries the film on his shoulders and lives up to the title of Himmatwala, although we have seen him carry off such action packed roles with more perfection. Although Mahesh Manjrekar doesn’t do badly, he is a way better actor than what he does here. But it is the writing and the faulty characterization that is to be blamed.

Paresh Rawal also becomes the victim of the same and also of some over-desperate attempts to create humor. It is the actor’s brilliance that he pulls off this one and manages to provide the much needed laughter. Like most of the action films of today’s times, Tamannah Bhatia doesn’t have much to do. Even acting-wise, she is average. Leena Jumani shines in her debut while Zarina Wahab is likable. The rest of the actors aren’t much to speak about.

Overall, Himmatwala disappoints due to its faulty subject selection and lack of entertainment. Despite the presence of big stars and the commercial nature of the subject, the film will find it tough at the box office.


Himmatwala Box Office Prediction

Director: Sajid Khan

Producers: Puja Films and UTV Motion Pictures

Writers: Sajid-Farhad and Sajid Khan

Cast: Ajay Devgn, Tamannaah Bhatia, Paresh Rawal, Mahesh Manjrekar

Music: Sajid-Wajid

Genre: Action/ Drama

Release Date: March 29, 2013


Star Value: The presence of a quality performer and superstar Ajay Devgn is enough to give a high rating to the star value of Himmatwala (remake of the film by the same name released in 1983). Plus, although Tamannaah Bhatia is a newcomer, she has already become known.

Hype: The curiosity for the movie was developed right from the time the shoot commenced. The idea of providing a live online telecast (webcast) of the mahurat shot worked well. Later on, the promos got a decent response, although not excellent. Due to this, the excitement is not very high although it is there.

Music: The remakes of the two songs from the original movie – ‘Naino Mein Sapna’ and ‘Taki Taki’ – have gone well with the audiences and have helped promote the film. The rest of the songs haven’t been that popular but they have a chance if the film does well.


Himmatwala will surely get a good opening at the box office, although not terrific. Due to its genre, it will surely do very well in the single screen theatres but that doesn’t mean it will struggle at multiplexes.

Such high-on-entertainment sagas also have the advantage of doing well in both metros and small towns. Therefore, even if the film doesn’t receive thumbs up initially in terms of the content, it won’t harm the producers much. These commercial capers with big stars are always a safe bet these days. And if Himmatwala does manage to highly impress, it will find itself in the Rs 100 crore club.



Pictures from anti-women harassment event, Adhya

Recently, an event named Adhya to empower women to be safe and vigilant against crimes like rape and sexual harassment took place in Powai, Mumbai.  Organized by Powai residents Karishma Sharma and Shivani Thakkar, sensitize and train people to deal against crimes like Rape, Sexual Harassment and even Child Molestation. (For the complete pre-event article, click HERE.)

Adhya saw a number of interactive sessions including ‘Good Touch & Bad Touch’ by Psychiatrist Beenal Gangar, Child Molestation by Arpan, Women’s Right by Majilis, Sexual Harassment by Mr Jasaon Temasfieldt of We The People Foundation, ‘Portraying Right Image and Be Secure’ by Mr Harissh Iyer and Mrs Suman Agarwal (Image Consulting Business Institute), Constitutional Rights of Women by Inspector Asha Korke and Psychiatrist Taruna Khattar.

The event was wound up with the pledge to make world a better place for women.

Here are some of the pictures from the event:


Team Adhya


Participants taking a pledge to protect women


Dance performance to create awareness

Shivani Thakkar and Karishma Sharma

Shivani Thakkar and Karishma Sharma


Tuhya Dharma Koncha? (Marathi Movie) Review

By: Keyur Seta

Director: Satish Manwar

Producers: IME Motion Pictures and Sprint Art Creations Pvt. Ltd.

Writer: Satish Manwar

Cast: Upendra Limaye, Vibhawari Deshpande, Kishor Kadam, Suhas Palshikar, Suhas Shirsat, Gauri Konge

Music: Dattaprasad Ranade

Genre: Drama

Rating: * * * *

(Review taken from the website HALTI CHITRE.) (To join us on Facebook, click HERE.)

Story Outline: Kavudu (Upendra Limaye) lives a tribal life with his wife Bhulabai (Vibhawari Deshpande) and two children near a tiger sanctuary in the interiors of Maharashtra. After their already struggling life goes through another bad turn, Bhulabai has no option but to convert to Christianity. The film focuses on the consequences of the conversion.

Review: A character in Satish Manwar’s Tuhya Dharma Koncha? is once heard saying, “Our survival is more important that our religion and name.” The movie gives this bold message in such a realistically fearless yet enchanting manner that one is forced to stand up and applaud. In fact, Tuhya Dharma Koncha? is a high quality celluloid experience in all aspects that has the potential to please audiences world over.

Thankfully, the film doesn’t aim to be a tear-jerker about the tragic struggle of a tribal family. The focus is completely kept on how struggle for survival forces someone to happily change their religion or God. The issue of religious extremism is also portrayed in a bold manner. What makes the film special is how beautifully the visual medium is used to put forth the message rather than using any kind of dramatic dialogues.

As a writer and director, Mawar easily succeeds in getting us involved with the family’s tribal life without making the proceedings appear as a docu-drama whatsoever. Even the simplest of everyday scenes are presented in a manner that will amuse you. This ensures that you instantly feel for the characters and their decision to convert. The story flow is maintained perfectly with the important issue of conversion being introduced and developed in an intelligent manner.


There is always a danger of the writer or director going overboard with the consequences of such an act in such genre of films but fortunately that doesn’t happen here. That part is portrayed in a sensible yet mature manner which stops the proceedings from going chaotic or loud. But it is the climax that takes the cake for it delights you for the daring message it gives in such a simple yet most appealing manner.

There does come a moment in the second half where the film shows signs to become a drag. This is also felt during a song on Jesus which should have been shortened. But since that doesn’t happen for a longer period, it won’t bother you, especially after the final culmination. All in all, after Gabhricha Paus, Manwar has again given a loud message that he is here to stay.

What further gives an international feel to the film is the artistic camerawork (Parixit Warrier) and an impressive background score (Augustine Samuel). Perfect art direction (Ranjeet Desai) and costume designing (Geeta Godbole) help in adding realism. The taut editing also needs to be lauded. Dattaprasad Ranade composed tracks suit the subject. The song ‘Ravavani Lanka’ deserves special mention, also for the lyrics.

In a performance-oriented film, the actors rise to the occasion. Upendra Limaye once again proves himself as one of the top performers in the Marathi film arena by giving a realistically mature act. Vibhwari Deshpande is simply outstanding! The way she gets every nuance right in a difficult role speaks volumes about her talent.

Kishor Kadam shines as a Catholic Priest. Some earnest support is provided by Gouri Konge, Yash Sutar, Suhas Palshikar, Sneha Majgaonkar, Shashank Shende, Padmanabh Bind, etc.

Overall, Tuhya Dharma Koncha? is a superlative realistic saga that deserves to be seen by all. Due to the low hype, there film is in desperate need of positive word-of-mouth to have an impact at the box office.


Adhya: Be Safe, Be Vigilant

With atrocities against women being on an all-time high, there has been an all-round demand for the amendment of laws for the strictest punishment for crimes like rape. But along with the laws, training women to combat such a situation is equally important.

PrintKarishma Sharma and Shivani Thakkar, residents of Powai (Mumbai), have joined hands to do the needful in an event called Adhya on March 17, 2013 at Galleria Circle, Powai from 11 am to 8 pm. The motto of the event is to sensitize people and train them to deal against crimes like Rape, Sexual Harassment and even Child Molestation. The word ‘Adhya’ depicts various roles a woman plays in her lifetime - daughter, sister, friend, wife, saviour, etc.

“A single being may not be able to change the mindset of the human race but certainly one small stone thrown inside the ocean can cause a few ripples. Increasing number of cases against women & kids has led to desensitization. Awareness about these issues is the most important aspect for individual safety,” says Karishma. The event is contributed by NGOs like Kranti, Arpan, Urmi, We The People Foundation, Majlis, Think beyond, Mimaansa and G.O.D.S.

Adhya will see a number of interactive sessions including ‘Good Touch & Bad Touch’ by Psychiatrist Beenal Gangar, Child Molestation by Arpan, Women’s Right by Majilis, Sexual Harassment by Mr Jasaon Temasfieldt of We The People Foundation, ‘Portraying Right Image and Be Secure’ by Mr Harissh Iyer and Mrs Suman Agarwal (Image Consulting Business Institute), Constitutional Rights of Women by Inspector Asha Korke and Psychiatrist Taruna Khattar.

There will also be interactive games and some performances by students from Powai. Recently, the team of Adhya performed freeze mobs all over Hiranandani which received a positive response.

Detailed Schedule of the event:

11:00- 11:10: Inaugration
11:10- 11:30: Introduction about Adhya and NGO associated with event.
11:30 am – 1:00 pm: Interactive Session by Arpan – “Good Touch or Bad Touch”
1:00 pm – 1:30 pm: Speech about Child Molestation by Harissh Iyer
1:30 pm – 1:45 pm: Performance By G.O.D.S
2:15 pm- 3:00 pm: Short film about Unwanted Girl child ; Each NGO’s self-Introduction Speech; Speech By Taruna Khattar
3:00 pm – 4:45 pm: Interactive Session By Majilis – Women right
5:00pm – 5:10 pm: Dance Performance by Kranti.
5:10 pm – 5:30 pm: Speech By Mrs. Suman Agarwal initiator of Image Consulting Business institute.
5:40pm – 6:15 pm: Dance Performance from Adhya
6:20pm -7:45 pm: Seminar on Sexual Harassment by Jason Temasfieldt, Founder, We The People Foundation.
7:45pm - 8 pm Vote of Thanks


Sachin Khedekar in double role!

The veteran actor revealed the news while having a down-to-earth interaction with the audience during the event Ek Kalakar, Ek Sandhyakal.

By: Keyur Seta

(News taken from the website HALTI CHITRE.)

Over the years, Sachin Khedekar has acquired a cult following among the Marathi cinema audience. It is his ability to play a wide range of characters with ease that has helped him reached this level. However, few people might have noticed that he has never played a double role ever in his career. Well, the wait is over. Khedekar is finally playing a double role in the movie Pitruroon.

“I am currently shooting for a film called Pitruroon. It is directed by Nitish Bharadwaj. This time, you will see me in a double role,” said Khedekar. Although Pitruroon is Bharadwaj’s directorial debut, he is still known for his portrayal of Lord Krishna in the famous Mahabharat series by B R Chopra. Apart from acting in few Marathi films and directing serials like Gita Rahasya and Apradhi, Bharadwaj has also been into politics.

Khedekar revealed the news while interacting with the audience in Mumbai during the event Ek Kalakar, Ek Sandhyakal by Chaturanga. The actor had a candid discussion with the audience as he happily answered a number of their questions (some unusual ones too). “Sometimes we complain that people don’t come to the theatres when we do something good. Sometimes when we do some good work, we are not there to talk about it with the audience. So I have come here precisely for that,” he said.

Sachin-KhedekarThe discussion started in a humorous manner when an admirer pointed out to Khedekar that after he played a young lad in the serial Chaal years back, he has always played aged characters. The actor took it sportingly and said, “I played young characters even after that serial but I wasn’t famous then. And by the time I became a known actor, my age had increased (laughs). This happens with many of us. But I take your point as a compliment. I firmly believe there should be hard work. If you get something soon, it will also vanish soon.”

While answering a question, Khedekar also recalled the experience of shooting his most challenging role of Subhash Chandra Bose for Shyam Benegal’s Bose – The Forgotten Hero. Although the makers had worked hard for his look, he gained tremendous confidence only after someone from Bose’s family felt he resembled the revolutionary. Considering the hard work they had put in, Khedekar said he wasn’t pleased with the film’s fate. “Still I am glad with the response it gets when it is shown on TV during Independence and Republic Days. This means, the film is reaching the right people.”

Apart from Bose – The Forgotten Hero, it seems the actor isn’t too upbeat about his filmography in Bollywood. He was honest enough to say, “I have played unimpressive characters like the one I played in Singham. It is a requirement of my profession. I did Hindi films only because I wasn’t getting opportunities in Marathi. Else, I would have never done.”

Apart from speaking about his upcoming movie Aajcha Diwas Majha, his growing up days in Mumbai’s Vile Parle suburb and his career as a theatre and TV artist, the actor requested everyone to watch Marathi films in theatre. “These days, I can see such bad films becoming highly successful which makes me feel bad.”

All in all, the joy of getting to interact with their respected star in an informal manner was visible from the audience’s faces. Khedekar’s humbleness was seen from the fact that he respectfully answered even a couple of strange questions from the audience.

(The remaining part of this interesting interaction will be published soon. Ek Kalakar, Ek Sandhyakal will take place every month in Mumbai with prominent people from the Marathi film industry. Stay tuned to our FACEBOOK PAGE for information regarding the next installment of the event.)


Dialogues: Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster Returns

By: Keyur Seta

Tigmanshu Dhulia’s Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster Returns is one of the rare films of today’s times which can boast of its super-impressive dialogues. The lines written by Dhulia and Kamlesh Pandey are not run-of-the-mill types but intelligently witty and highly impactful. I have just compiled some of those below. Enjoy!

  • Bohat sasti ho chuki ho tum. Tumhe dene ke liye humare paas chillar bhi nahin hai.
  • Agar hum yahan baithe baithe Dubai mein kaand karwa sakte hain phir aapka ghar toh humare  ghar se sirf 300 kilometer ki doori par hai.
  • Humari toh gaali pe bhi taali padti hai.
  • Bandookon ka shauk humko bhi nahin tha. Woh bas zinda rehne ki zaroorat shauk ban gayi.
  • Yeh humesha mard hi kyun milte hai humein? Shayar kyun nahin milte?
  • Chaand pe baad mein chale jana. Pehle dharti ko toh theek se jaan lo.
  • Humara itihaas hai aur hum kal bhi itihaas banayenge.
  • Aapko pata hai mard zyada gaaliyan kyun dete hain? Kyunki woh rote kum hain.
  • Humein maafi maangte dekh aapko badi khushi ho rahi thi na? Maaf kijiyega yeh khushi hum aapko zyada der nahin de paye.



Review: Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster Returns

By: Keyur Seta

Director: Tigmanshu Dhulia

Producers: Brandsmith Motion Pictures, Viacom 18 Motion Pictures and Tigmanshu Dhulia Films

Writers: Tigmanshu Dhulia and Kamlesh Pandey

Cast: Jimmy Shergill, Irrfan Khan, Mahie Gill, Soha Ali Khan

Music: Sandeep Chowta

Genre: Thriller

Rating: * * *

Story Outline: Aditya Pratap Singh aka Saheb (Jimmy Shergill) and his loyal servant Kanhaiya (Deepraj Rana) somehow survive the bloodshed that took place at the end of the first installment Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster. But Aditya is now wheelchair bound although he might be back on his feet in a year’s time. Therefore, Saheb’s mother wants a successor to the family after Adityas is fit again.

Aditya’s drunkard wife Madhavi (Mahie Gill), however, is in no state to conceive. So now, Aditya’s mother wants his son to have another wife for that purpose. She tries to fix his second marriage with Ranjana (Soha Ali Khan), daughter of another royal family headed by Birendra Pratap (Raj Babbar). But Ranjana is in a relationship with his father’s loyal servant Indrajeet Singh (Irrfan Khan). What follows is a complicated game of betrayal.

Review: Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster (2011) was a royally shot royal thriller about a royal prince. Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster Returns can also be called the same but the overall satisfaction derived from the sequel is slightly lesser than the first film due to the writing. But the film can surely be enjoyed once, especially if you liked the first part.

Saheb-Biwi-Aur-Gangster-ReturnsThe writers get things right on the story part. The tale has an interesting mixture of betrayal, revenge, deceit and politics. After the introduction, they have smartly developed the story with the first plot point. But more than that, the writers should be highly applauded for some extraordinary and appealing dialogues. The witty lines keep flowing continuously! However, what slightly disappoints in the first half is its length of almost 90 minutes!

There are a good number of interesting twists in the second half but after a point of time, complication and confusion creep in, especially due to the political track. There also comes a period where there are too many events taking place which gives way to a lack of focus. But thankfully, an intelligently presented twisted climax makes sure you leave the cinema hall with a degree of satisfaction.

Dhulia gets perfect support from Yogesh Jani’s intelligent camerawork and Sandeep Chowta’s powerful background score. Chowta deserves praise as a music composer too. It is very rare these days for all songs (‘Jugni’, ‘Chhal Kapat’, ‘Idhar Gire’, ‘Media Se’ and ‘Kona Kona’) in an album turning out to be impressive. But the ‘Idhar Gire’ track strongly brings back memories of ‘Kaise Paheli’ from Parineeta, not only the music and lyrics but also the whole setting. This is not all though. ‘Chhal Kapat’ bears striking similarity to ‘Aarambh Hai Prachand’ from Gulaal.

The performances are the backbone of this performance oriented film. Jimmy Shergill is simply outstanding as Saheb. In fact, he has gone few notches higher than the first film making this as one of his finest acts. Irrfan Khan lives up to his image as one of the finest actors to have emerged from India. It’s an absolute delight to see him perform. Mahie Gill plays her part well as she is completely believable as a frustrated drunkard.

Soha Ali Khan was required to underplay her character which she does well and also manages to speak through expressions. Deepraj Rana once again shows his acting prowess while Pravesh Rana makes a confident debut. Veteran actor Raj Babbar plays his part well but his performance has nothing new from what he has done in the last decade or so. The film is well-supported by Rajeev Gupta, Sitaram Panchal and Rajesh Khera.

Overall, Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster Returns won’t disappoint you if you prefer watching unusually twisted thrillers. The film has a decent chance at the box office but only if it receives some rapid word of mouth.


Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster Returns Box Office Prediction

Director: Tigmanshu Dhulia

Producers: Brandsmith Motion Pictures, Viacom 18 Motion Pictures and Tigmanshu Dhulia Films

Writers: Tigmanshu Dhulia and Kamlesh Pandey

Cast: Jimmy Shergill, Irrfan Khan, Mahie Gill, Soha Ali Khan

Music: Sandeep Chowta

Genre: Thriller

Release Date: March 8, 2013


Star Value: Although Irrfan Khan is one of the best actors ever to come from India, he isn’t a big crowd puller. Nevertheless, he commands respect even among the masses which will surely create excitement for the movie. And considering the presence of known names like Jimmy Shergill, Mahie Gill (both retained from the first installment of the franchise) and Soha Ali Khan, we can say that Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster Returns has a decent star value.

Hype: The biggest hype factor for the movie is the fact that it is the sequel to the successful and impressive Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster (2011). The promos of the movie have got a decent response although not excellent. The inclusion of Irrfan and Soha has added on to the excitement. But for some reason the overall hype hasn’t been as high as expected, although it isn’t bad.

Music: The hit number ‘Jugni’, from the first installment, is recreated in this movie. That song has managed to make heads turn. The rest of the songs aren’t known.


Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster Returns will get a decent opening at the box-office. The not-so-high hype will make sure the opening isn’t very impressive. It needs to impress initially to have a good run at the ticket-window. If it does, it has a fairly good chance of making good profits since the nature of the film suits both single screen and multiplex audience.

As there are no big releases up for the next week, Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster Returns might slowly climb the box office ladder like most of the content-based films, provided it gets thumbs up from the masses.



The Attacks Of 26/11 Review

Director: Ram Gopal Varma

Producers: Eros International and Alumbra Entertainment

Writer: Rommel Rodrigues

Cast: Nana Patekar, Sanjeev Jaiswal, Saad Orhan, Ganesh Yadav

Music: Rooshin Dalal, Amar Mohile, Vishal R Khosla, Sushil R Khosla and Mohan Khan

Genre: Drama/ Thriller

Rating: * * *

Plot: Just after the ghastly attacks of 26/11, the then Joint Commissioner of Mumbai Police Rakesh Maria (Nana Patekar) narrates every account of the event in front of an inquiry committee. The film portrays the terror attack and its consequences in detail including the arrest of the infamous terrorist Ajmal Kasab (Sanjeev Jaiswal).

Review: Not just every Mumbaikar but the whole of India is aware about the 26/11 attacks in detail due to the shocking nature of the crime. Therefore, Ram Gopal Varma had his task cut out in The Attacks Of 26/11. Despite some unwanted alteration of facts and too much of sadistic visuals, we can say that the fearless filmmaker has carried out his task well and given a much deserved tribute to the Mumbai Police.

The writer and the director succeed in the extremely vital task of recreating the insane event and making the audience feel the same horror. For this reason alone, the whole team deserves thumbs up. The gory visuals and bloodshed, however, is overdone in most of the occasions, especially in the first half. Although it can be argued that it was needed due to the subject, it will surely stop the film from getting a wider acceptance.

The-Attacks-Of-26-11-movieBeing a feature film, it was necessary to dramatize some of the events but the serious alteration of facts in some important events wasn’t necessary because the original events itself were dramatic. Some examples – The all-important arrest of Kasab (read the actual account HERE) and, later, his confrontation with the Joint Commissioner. Especially, the confrontation scene over here appears sillier because we have seen the actual confrontation video which is still viral on the internet. (Watch it HERE.) However, one wouldn’t mind the alteration of facts in the pre-climax and climax for it provides a moving effect.

The film receives wonderful support from some artistic camerawork (Harshraj Shroff and M. Ravichandran Thevar) and a thrilling background score (Amar Mohile). Don’t worry, there aren’t any irritating camera angles here. The track ‘Maula Maula’, which is used in the background, produces goose bumps and is apt for the proceedings. ‘Raghupati Raghav’ suits the situation too.

The veteran artist Nana Patekar hit bulls-eye with one of his career best performance! The actor shows why he should be considered as one of the best in the business when it comes to playing character roles. His act in the climax will force you to shower applause.

Playing the role of the most hated individual Ajmal Kasab in your first film can be more than a daunting task for anyone. Sanjeev Jaiswal does that and that too very convincingly. He is surely a lookout for the future! The film is also well supported by cameos from Ganesh Yadav, Atul Kulkarni, Jitendra Joshi (well-known Marathi cinema actor), Ravi Kale (of Sarkar fame), Asif Basra and the actors playing the roles of Kasab’s gang members.

Overall, despite the distortion of some of the facts and the gruesome nature, The Attacks Of 26/11 deserves to be seen for the tribute it pays to the victims and heroes of the terror event.

P. S: The character name of Nata Patekar isn’t mentioned at any point in the movie or during the credits. But since Rakesh Maria was the Joint Commissioner of Mumbai police at that time, the name of the character is assumed in the review.