The Common Man Speaks


Just a moral victory, war still on!

After a lot of speculation amongst the public of India and a lot of (pointless) discussions within the government, finally the UPA has decided to present Anna Hazare and Civil Society’s Jan Lokpal Bill on Friday August 26, 2011.

Hazare’s crores of supporters have termed this as a victory for the Gandhian for his painful efforts. Honestly, even I am happy for it looking at the way the common man of India has supported Hazare’s movement. Be it battling the work schedule or the heavy rains, people’s contribution has been the backbone in making the movement historic.

However, we should all make sure we don’t get complacent by thinking that the war is over. Even during Hazare’s April fast, the government had promised to take the Jan Lokpal Bill seriously but, like many politicians, it just made a U-Turn.

Classic example of a Congress U-Turn is Manish Tewari. After lambasting Hazare and even accusing him of corruption, he takes back his statement today and says he has immense respect for the 74-year old. Tewari feels the awakened citizens of India will get amused by the worst joke of the century. Due to this and numerous other examples, it is clear that the government is as trustful as a rattlesnake. So, I personally won’t like to consider this as a victory.

Therefore, it is vital that we keep the protest alive with the same zest. Let us throng the roads in the same large numbers chanting the same slogans. Let the government know that what the common man wants is the ultimate victory in the form of the amendment of the Jan Lokpal Bill. The war is far from over!