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Festival of lights becomes festival of smoke and noise!

By: Keyur Seta

The fact that Diwali is nearing was felt yesterday not because of the excitement for the festival but due to the irritation in breathing caused by the smoke that erupted from the firecrackers. The scene is the same in every locality in India. The presence of light in Diwali is overshadowed by the shoddy smell of the harmful smoke and the unbearable sound of crackers.

People in India are well aware of the terrible effects of firecrackers both to the environment and health. Yet, turning a blind eye, parents are encouraging their children to burst crackers by spending thousands on them.  Are they so unconcerned about the hazards of crackers or plain dumb? For people from both categories, here are the ill-effects of crackers: - (I know this is like school stuff but these people have left me with no other option!)

Air-Pollution: Even during non-Diwali time, pollution is on an all-time high with smog (smoke + fog) visible almost everywhere. So, it is shuddering to even imagine the level of pollution during Diwali with lakhs of people indulging in firecrackers! Global Warming is becoming a bigger threat day-by-day. If this still doesn’t concern you, may God bless you!

Health Hazards: As it is, the health scenario in Mumbai is becoming poorer each year. Number of Asthama and cardiac (heart) patients are continuing to increase. Headache and cough have become a daily affair for many. Wouldn’t such a high increase of harmful smoke during Diwali worsen the situation? Just imagine the state of cardiac and asthama patients when they are forced to inhale the poisonous smoke!

Noise Effect: What pleasure do people derive with the maddening noise of such high decibel crackers? I read about a man dying because of heart attack caused due to the ridiculously high noise of a cracker! There could be many more such cases!

Hell for Animals: For animals, the situation is even worse. The noise and pollution can be hell for them as it also creates high amount of panic amongst them. Spare a thought for the poor creatures!

If you are eager to burst crackers even after knowing the terrible consequences, please go ahead! You are a part of population so it will naturally affect you as well! Happy Diwali!

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