The Common Man Speaks


Government tries to fight back, uses cheap politics!

Unfortunately, my doubt has come true. When the government, along with other parties in the parliament, agreed to include Anna Hazare’s 3 point agenda in the Lokpal Bill, I had a feeling they will try to fight back by playing cheap politics. This is exactly what they have done.

Earlier, the Delhi Police, of course by government pressure, claimed that a CD where Prashant Bhushan is heard trying to influence a judge is genuine. Then, Kiran Bedi was sent a breach of privilege notice for her remarks against the MPs at the Ramlila Maidan. And now, the Income Tax department slaps a notice on Arvind Kejriwal asking him to pay up Rs 9 lakh as, according to them, his resignation isn’t accepted yet.

The timing of these incidents clearly indicate that the Congress government is trying to take revenge from Team Anna as they are not able to digest their victory, which brought unprecedented pre-independence revolution in the country. If Kejriwal quit his job in 2006, how come he is sent notice after 5 long years? As Kejriwal said, the IT department has sent the notice on behalf of their ‘political bosses’.

It’s a pity that our so-called government underestimates the common sense of the common man. They have an illusion that the people of India don’t have sense to identify their cheap games.

As Anna rightly pointed out today at Ralegaon, the government has cheated us and they are underestimating the power of the public of India.

Unfortunately, even after receiving huge slaps from the public recently, the government still has no idea about their power. But we are here to show our power once again. We are all ready to make the government bite the dust once again through our massive protests if need be!