Eka Lagnachi Dusri Goshta premiere enthralls audience

For the first time ever in India, audience was bestowed upon with a chance of watching the first episode of a television serial along with its cast and crew. This happened when the makers of the Marathi serial Eka Lagnachi Dusri Goshta organized a special screening of the first episode of the series for the public which was attended by its actors Swapnil Joshi, Mukta Barve, Rekha Kamat, Asavari Joshi, Ila Bhate, Spruha Joshi, along with director Satish Rajawade and producer Shrirang Godbole.

A large number of spectators had gathered at Amar Hind Mandal at Dadar (West), Mumbai to witness the first-of-its-kind event. Efforts were put in to create a marriage-like atmosphere; right from the sets and decorations to the ladies presenting flowers and til gul to guests.

The unusual event amazed not just the audience but also the actors. Said Swapnil, “To watch my serial with the audience is a memorable experience for me.” But Mukta’s excitement knew no bounds. “I feel as if I have come for the premiere of my movie,” said the actress.

The pair of Swapnil and Mukta was hugely appreciated in the movie Mumbai Pune Mumbai. The actors revealed they were excited to share the screen with each other once more. The fact that she is also a close friend of Swapnil helped Mukta a lot, she said.

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Veteran actress Rekha Kamat gets candid about her character in the serial.

Producer Godbole, who had earlier made a play named Eka Lagnachi Goshta, said, “Earlier, I wanted to make a play on this story. Later on, we thought of making a movie. We also fixed a release date for it. However, after going through the story again, we thought it will be best if a serial is made on this movie.”

Since Eka Lagnachi Dusri Goshta is sprinkled with laughter, there was plenty of humour during the launch. Some unintentional hilarity took place as well when the coconut flew backwards from Swapnil’s hand while he was trying to break it.

But what got the audience in splits for a long time was the question by an aged uncle from the crowd. He asked Swapnil, “Is there a lady character in your serial who likes to poison other people’s tea?” This also took the actor by surprise but he kindly answered in the negative.

During the screening, both Swapnil and Mukta’s entry was followed by loud applause and whistles. Judging by audience’s response, the first episode of Eka Lagnachi Dusri Goshta provided good entertainment. If the same is continued in the forthcoming episodes, the serial should enjoy very good TRPs. (Timings: Monday to Friday at 8:30pm)

More pictures from the event:


Swapnil Joshi interacting with the audience. (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

Director Satish Rajawade speaking about his serial. (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

Mukta Barve in conversation. (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

Good numbers had turned up for the event. (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

Audience enjoying Swapnil Joshi's funny side. (CLICK TO ENLARGE)


Producer Shrirang Bodbole along with the leading pari. (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

Swapnil obliging his fans. (CLICK TO ENLARGE)



  1. says

    I love swapnil & mukta,they look ossam together,
    as a couple they are best.
    pls hi tari serial pakau banavu naka
    suruvatila jashi interesting vatatey tashich shevatparyant theva………………plsssssssssssssssss

  2. ????? ?????? says

    ????? ??? ???? ?? ?????? ????…………. ????? ??????????? ??? ??? ???……. ?????? ??????? ????? ??? ?????? ?????….. ???? ???? ?? ??? ???? ?? ????? ????? ?????……

  3. Aakash says

    AWesome serial………superb……….its completely different n hatke from those boring saas bahu kind of serials …..superb…..i mean i have no words …..i dont even miss a single episode

  4. mugdha patil says

    very………..much interesting…..congrats to satish rajwade for giving us such a really nice entertainment.pls don’t make any emotional atyachar………khas satish rajwade sathi messege ..that pls show your face in some episodes for your fans….congrats again!

  5. madhav prabhu says

    Satish rao lgnacha gondhal , lagin ghai sagala mala mazya gharat chalale aahe ase watate. Pratekacha abhinay jivant vatato agadi lahangyancha suddha. Hats of to you satish! Guntata nantar lagech hi serial dilya badal anek dhanyavad. Mazya hardik shubheccha! Sanglyana aani khas karun swapnilla! for his perfect timing and expressions.

  6. Shubhada says

    Papa is the best character he is just like my papa
    However my papa passed away on 12 feb 2012

  7. Sonali says

    i really like this serial and my family too. Plz hi serial band karu naka plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Radha and Ghana they are awesome. ……………..nice jodi

  8. nitu says

    This serial is AwEsOmE…each and every character is toooo good..Kuhu..Dnyana..Ghana..Radha.Each and everyone has done their very best.Very well directed and want to keep seeing more of the serial :)
    You all rock!!!!

  9. jyoti says

    sahii………serial…solid timepaas………..i dont want to miss single episode even ….waiting for kuhu’s marriage life……..

  10. vishal mali says

    “eka lagnachi dusari goshta” hi aataparyantchi mazi sarvat aavadleli (hrudaysparshi) malika… malikeche waishishtya mhanje yache “kathanak”…….. sojwal, najuk ani wastawala dharun….. ya baddal Chinmay Mandalekar yanche khas koutuk karavese watate…… maliketil sagalech patr agadi “Hiryasarkhe” vechale ahet…. tyancha abhinay tar afalatun ahe…. “Radha-Ghanshyam” hi jodi tar sarvanchya pasantila utarli ahe, mazi tar hi Favourite jodi ahe… Mukta ani Swapnil yanchi chemistry khup khup bhari ahe. te real couple act karatat…. tyan TV var baghayala amhala nehmich avadel…. Satish Barwade ani tyanchya sarya Team che, maliketil sarya “cast” che mi abhar manto ki tyani amachyasathi etaki surekh malika sadar keli…..so “tynache abhar”…….
    ya pudhehi amhala asech entertain karat rahe hi vinanti…….
    kalave …
    apalya Malikecha Crazy fan

  11. Vrushali Sarode says

    Dis is da 1st n only Marathi serial I watched n continue watcin. Its a fresh concept n keeps da audience glued:-) Da cast is perfectly suited to da character n its a treat to watch d show:-) :-)

  12. Madhura says

    Really very nice……. This is first marathi serial , which is my favorite serial………. Very nice chemistry of Mukta & Swapnil ……. I hope this serial will maintain it’s quality till end…….!

  13. kavita says

    eka episod madhe Kuhu hi chandrasobat bolate ase sangat hoti , mala tine mazhich gosht sangat aahe ase vatale karan me pan lagna aadhi nehami tyachya sobat bolaychi hasaychi radyachi suddha.
    aani to he shant pane pahun ikun ghaycha. me te anubhavale aahe aani kharach aapan tyala mantil sangto na tevha to kharach ikto .
    Thanks Kuhu tu mazi aathavan punha taji keli.

  14. Sonal says

    My heartfelt thanks for coming up with such a wonderful and soul touching serial. I want to specially thank the director for handling the emotional moments with a touch of sincerity without letting it get melodramatic and handling the comic scenes with the right touch of humor without letting it get over the top. I guess this could not have been possible without Chinmay mandlekar’s dialogues and the perfect portrayal by each of the actors Keep up the great work all of you and thanks once again for bringing a smile on our face at the end of the day God bless you!!!

  15. Saurabh Gujare says

    just don’t finish it soon…. let it keep goin…..’cauze its so amazing, no words yaar…………

  16. Mahesh Muthe says

    Satish Rajawade aani Shrirang Godbole hyaanii ateeshai uttam ashi sankalpana ya maliketun darshavinyacha phaarach sundar / praamanik prayatna kela aahe. Ya Maliketil sarva paatra aapapli kaamgiri agadi chokh paar paadtaat, agdi Ganga – Yamuna paasun – Mr. Mahesh Desai aani Maai paryanta. Ya maliket ek vilakshan ashi jaadu aahe ki ji aamha prekshakaannna agdi khiloon thevte.
    Ya maliket honaaraya sarva ghatana agdi kharya vaatatat. Mala tar ase watate ki mi hi Kale-Desai kutumbaacha ek a vibhaajya bhag aahe.
    Ghana-Radha chi Jodi agdi vilakshan aahe…..Kaai zhaaakaas chemistry julali aahe tya doghaanchi.
    Mi ya malikevar fida zhalo aahe…..
    Satish Rajawade, Shrirang Godbole and sarva Sayahak kalakaar aani pramukh kalakaarnache me shatasha aabhar manato.
    Kalave…lobh asava…..Punha bhetu
    Aapla ek pramanik prekshak…
    Mahesh Muthe

  17. says

    The story or rather the theme reminds the viewer of hindi film ‘bawarchi’,specially after abir’s entry. abir is a chef. like rajesh khanna. aaji is like dadaji harindranath chatopadhyay . There one sister was katthak dancer and here kuhu is soaked in poetry. the couples are also very similar. Abir’s chracter is stealing the thunder under ghana’s nose. It is almost unbelievable that a 30+ man from ‘IT’ sector is so confused about what he wants from life. Still the serial is delightful. mukta and vinay apte at their best! vandana

  18. Rajesh says

    It has been beautifully directed and well written and well executed by pair (Swapnil and Mukta) which showing the importance of Joint family. It is also a very good love story.

  19. Sonal says

    Breaking news……. Breaking news……. Breaking news……….. Actually heartbreaking news……………
    This fantastic serial “Eka Lagnachi Dusari Goshta” is going to be end soon……… in 2 months only………
    I am going to miss the chemistry of Mukta & Swapnil . I wish this serial will be telecast ones again at zee marathi at 8.30’o clock from beginning to end . This was first marathi serial that I loved so much .

  20. sap says

    guys, whats the name of the girl playin swapnil’s sister role in this.
    she is damn beautiful and her acting m impressed.
    swapnil and mugda amazing.

  21. arti says

    satish Rajwade’s serial means——————–too good, i liked all. this serial is awesome serial.

  22. Raj says

    Kuhu is better than Radha. Really nice role & perfect act. Well done Spruha Joshi.
    Nakkich bhav khawun jate. Great.

  23. Raj says

    Dear Satish,
    Please show Character & Artist Names in titles. ALL have done a great job with your great direction.

  24. vishal says

    mala hi serial khup awadte, mukta & swapnil pan awadtat hi serial bandh hou naye ashi apeksha ahe

  25. Vrushali Sarode says

    Hi i miss da show already :( Da clock s about to strike 8.30 n from today da show won’t be aired.. Please start season 2 :) This ws one of da best shows on indian television. Gona miss al esp radha n ghana:-)

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